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Home assisted living facilities in Anchorage, AK

We'll come take care of you
If you or a member of your family need assisted living facilities in Anchorage, AK - why not have them at home? Living Stone Home Care in Anchorage will send the right people to your house to help with whatever you need. We can help with simple things like shopping and we can also assist with any medical issues. We offer a large range of services to our clients.

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Assisted living facilities aren't the only answer. Give Living Stone Home Care a call today at (907) 230-2402 and set up an appointment to talk about your situation. We'll even come to your house for a consultation!

Medical care

The medical team at Living Stone Home Care in Anchorage is very experienced. We can do everything assisted living facilities can do--but in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Let us help you with your rehabilitation, medical condition or medications. Our nursing team is skilled and professional--and they are friendly too!
Assisted living facilities worker in Anchorage, AK

Personal care

The staff at Living Stone Home Care offers personal care assistance such as bathing, grooming and help dressing. We try to help people maintain their independence, rather than going to one of the assisted living facilities in the area. If we can keep you or your family member comfortable at home, we'd love to do that. Give us a call to talk about your needs today.
Assisted living facilities care in Anchorage, AK

Other services

The staff at our Anchorage facility can also help with other tasks, such as grocery shopping, running errands and transportation. We have a full fleet of vehicles designed to assist people going to and from activities and medical appointments. We are also happy to arrange in-home visitation for those who would just like a little company.
Assisted living facilities client in Anchorage, AK
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